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Raquel Villain.
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MorphThing.com (face combination software)

It's as old as the internet--technology which allows you to morph two faces together and see your babies, or something like that, usually with hilariously deformed results. But this sight can morph your faces and make it look like an actual real person. It's very cool and extremely addicting. Here's a sample photo of my face mixed with supermodel Gemma Ward's:
See! It looks just like ME mixed with GEMMA WARD! So cool, you guys, so cool. Try it out for yourselves! MorphThing.com

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hot Person of the Day: Edward Norton


Birthday: August 18, 1969 (1969-08-18) (age 41)
Known for: Acting in movies such as Fight Club and American History X
Why he's hot: Everybody loves those guy next door types. He's an activist for wildersness conservation. He's also really smart, and graduated from Yale. He's also an anti-celebrity, living a normal life in New York City between acting jobs, and if all that isn't enough, he's probably one of the best actors around today.

Hot Person of the Day: Brody Dalle

Real name: Bree Leslie Pucilowski
Birthday: January 1, 1979 (Age 32)
Known for: Fronting the now-disbanded the Distillers, now fronting Spinnerette
Why she's hot: Born in Australia, she met Tim Armstrong from Rancid when she was 16 and moved to LA with him. She has a really cool voice that doesn't even sound female in some songs, and she's a complete badass. Brody is basically the iconic punk rock chick.
After her second album she divorced Tim and married Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age, and they have a daughter named Camille. To the chagrin of many fans and admirers, Brody has recently traded in her extreme punk look for a more natural one, insisting that to continue to dye her hair black would perpetuate the "Cher syndrome."

Hot Person of the Day: Ed Westwick

Welcome to the Hot Person of the Day posts. This was inspired by the Maxim Hot 100 and my attempts to make my own hot 100. However I didn't feel like ranking people so I decided to just honor a hot person every day. Everyday there will be a new person of the day! Today we will have THREE hot people to kick things off, look for the other two in separate posts.

Birthday: June 27, 1987 (Age: 23)
Known for: Starring as Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl
Why he's hot: Unlike his character, Ed Westwick has a ridiculously hot British accent. He also claims to be nothing like that manwhore Chuck. Given that combination, just look at the guy:

 So maybe a Gossip Girl star isn't exactly my type, but wait! There's more. Before acting, Ed used to be the frontman of a catchy punk band called the Filthy Youth. Their music is fun and upbeat and of course complemented by that accent... what can I say, I'm all for that accent.


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