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Raquel Villain.
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hot Person of the Day: Ed Westwick

Welcome to the Hot Person of the Day posts. This was inspired by the Maxim Hot 100 and my attempts to make my own hot 100. However I didn't feel like ranking people so I decided to just honor a hot person every day. Everyday there will be a new person of the day! Today we will have THREE hot people to kick things off, look for the other two in separate posts.

Birthday: June 27, 1987 (Age: 23)
Known for: Starring as Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl
Why he's hot: Unlike his character, Ed Westwick has a ridiculously hot British accent. He also claims to be nothing like that manwhore Chuck. Given that combination, just look at the guy:

 So maybe a Gossip Girl star isn't exactly my type, but wait! There's more. Before acting, Ed used to be the frontman of a catchy punk band called the Filthy Youth. Their music is fun and upbeat and of course complemented by that accent... what can I say, I'm all for that accent.


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  1. I definitely agree. Ed is what the girls in relationships are trying to get. One look at him and oh the things you would do...:)


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