Raquel Villain.

Raquel Villain.
the pontification station

Monday, November 15, 2010


Because the lawls keep coming!

 Tryna' catch em' all.

 Gay punks: because a Celine Dion vest is as anti-mainstream as it gets.

I wonder if she... caught them all?


 why superheroes can't exist in the information age.


 an actual kid's ride in Korea, designed to give you nightmares.


Daily Lawlapalooza.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's lawlapalooza.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

live-action DOUG movie!

If they actually made this, I would probably go see it ten times. I don't even care how shitty it might be. It's DOUG MUTHAFUCKIN' FUNNIE.
Here's a trailer for a Doug live-action movie with all the original characters. They're supposed to be college-aged now, so it's a little more dramatic than the cartoon. But full of awesomeness.
Roger, that green fucker.