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Raquel Villain.
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hot Person of the Day: Brody Dalle

Real name: Bree Leslie Pucilowski
Birthday: January 1, 1979 (Age 32)
Known for: Fronting the now-disbanded the Distillers, now fronting Spinnerette
Why she's hot: Born in Australia, she met Tim Armstrong from Rancid when she was 16 and moved to LA with him. She has a really cool voice that doesn't even sound female in some songs, and she's a complete badass. Brody is basically the iconic punk rock chick.
After her second album she divorced Tim and married Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age, and they have a daughter named Camille. To the chagrin of many fans and admirers, Brody has recently traded in her extreme punk look for a more natural one, insisting that to continue to dye her hair black would perpetuate the "Cher syndrome."

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