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Raquel Villain.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1000 Views! Do you know what this means? Harry Potter Party!!

Wow guys! One thousand views!! It is really such an honor!
It makes me wonder: who reads this thing? I don't really get a lot of comments on the posts, and while I love the fact that people even look at my blog, I would love it even more if you all commented! So if you've been on here a few times and like it, why not leave a comment on your favorite post? You can even be anonymous if you're shy. ;)

But enough rambling! 

It's time for what you've all been waiting for. 

A muhfkn' Harry Potter Party! And the best part is, there will be more Harry Potter themed posts in the future! Just because!


The title to this was "Don't be a stranger, Hermione Granger."

Okay, now it's your turn to put the best Harry Potter comics,memes, gifs, and so forth in the comments so I can add them to one of the future blogs!  I'll even give you credit if you so desire. 



  1. I died when I read all of these! I want to meet whoever came up with these.


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