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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Geek on a leash.

I know I already linked to this, but MY GOD. Mark Reads Harry Potter is my new favorite thing in the world EVER. I've often wondered how I could delve further into my Harry Potter obsession. Besides (and I admit I have done this) reading usually-atrocious fanfiction, I have read each and every book at least 5 times (and some so many times I don't think I can count using my fingers). SO. I ask myself. How can I make this series which owns my heart seem new to me? And the answer practical falls into my lap (like a Hogwarts acceptance letter NERD LAWL!!!!!!1!1!!!!!111!!!). Seeing the story through someone else's eyes is almost like reading it all over again! You forget that you had no idea what the *phucque* was going on until you realize that it's some complicated shit! Holy tangled plotline, Batman! And even though I was only eight years old when I started the  series, Mark's general punctuations of "what the fuck!" at every plot twist bring me RIGHT BACK to eleven  years ago. Not everyone loves Harry Potter, but for those who do (or always have), this blog serves as a nice little reminder as to why.

PS. I really think the Harry Potter characters and plotlines have shaped me as a person. From a young age I was always that underdog nerdy kid who stood up for the kids who were even lamer than I was. And the themes of racism, classism, sexism, and how these things can be combated with love and respect is such a mature portrayal, but it's presented in a way that at the age of EIGHT I picked up on it and have been trying to utilize it ever since. So I know when I go on my Harry Potter rants, people call me a nerd, and some even say that Harry Potter isn't good literature. But I am not ashamed to say that it's fucking MARVELOUS literature, and I will defend it 'til my deathday, because of what it means to me.

PPS. J.K. Rowling, MARRY ME?!?!?!?!

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